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Pilates + Whole Body Vibration

Leave each session feeling better physically and mentally 

Pilates is movement that builds mind and body connection helping you to establish balance, flexibility, core strength, range of motion and overall body alignment.

The whole body vibration machines stimulate the muscles to contract and relax at a faster rate which promotes blood circulation and flushes out toxins. The constant vibration also forces the body to work harder to maintain balance which results in a shorter workout time needed for the same results. Combining the two methods of Pilates and Full Body Vibration creates an extremely efficient and effective workout.


Meet Sharon McDonald

Certified Pilates Instructor

In my late 40s, life was changing, kids moving on with their lives. I began searching for my next chapter. I was introduced to pilates and the passion began for the joy of movement. I received my Pilates certification and taught for years in Alberta. Something eventually led me to beautiful Vancouver Island and to my pleasure, a studio where I could continue my passion for movement. Living and working on the Peninsula is a dream come true for me. 

Together with the effective use of the whole body vibration machines and the method of Pilates, my goal is to help people achieve their own transformation and change.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy
Fern Plant

Why Libellula Movement Studio?

30 minute sessions

Get a full workout in fast, with new sessions starting every 30 minutes.

Ease on Joints

Our workouts are easy on your joints, leaving you with less post-workout soreness.

Any Clothing 

We don't require any special clothing to join our sessions. You can even choose shoes or no shoes.

Mental Health

The combination of our relaxed atmosphere and the benefits of physical workouts leaves everyone feeling great at the end of each session. Some say the mental results are even better than the physical.

Small Classes
(max 4 people)

A small class means more one on one interaction with the instructor.


Come make some friends who are on the same journey as you.


It was January 2017 when I had a lower back operation. Prior to this, I had been in extreme pain in my lower back lumbar area for two years. The neurosurgeon told me that there were tendons, and muscles twisted causing swelling and blocking blood flow to my hips, legs, and feet for the two preceding years. 

My GP, in follow up stated that the feeling may never return due to possible nerve damage. 

In 2017 In an effort to regain my mobility and reduce the stiff muscles I was introduced to Whole Body Vibration. This exercise program enabled me to walk longer distances and get some of my life back. I found I could not live without it. Though much pain persisted.

Recently a new owner and instructor began a pilates program on the Vibration machines. Following the Covid shut down I was ready to begin exercising on the machines again. This Pilates was new and almost instantly my hips, back, and feet responded in a positive way. Now only after three weeks my wife and I are able to walk 4 to 6 kilometers daily without pain in my hips and back. 

Many other members tell me of the instant pain relief that they felt in a very short time. 

I am sold, Pilates at Full Body Vibration is for me. 

— Bill Jackson

Fog and Nature

Session Plans

Schedule your FREE demo and get your first month for only $99

Monthly & Annually

1  Month  -  $199.00 

3  Month  -  $499.00

6  Month  -  $859.00

9  Month  -  $1199.00  

12  Month  -   $1499.00 

Session Cards

10 Sessions $175.00  

20 Sessions $310.00  


40 Sessions $550.00  


70 Sessions $840.00 

Contact Info




2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC, Canada

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